Kodi Kontroller

Kodi Kontroller is a PHP (Slim) Web App designed to centralize content collection from the web and then allow it to be served out to any number of Kodi instances in an Office environment. It is still being built but it functions. You will need to get your hands dirty (slightly) in order to configure it, but we're in the middle of sorting that out and pushing all configuration to the config.js file.

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The finished product will allow screens to be assigned to a profile such as Public, Statistics, Technical etc allowing the system to consider the audience. If the hardware supports it (HDMI-CEC) you can already turn the screens on & off manually - this will move to a profile option soon.

We currently allow a rotation of company logos, a playlist of company related videos - the two content buttons;
We're also working on "lower-third" notifications, so our network monitoring tools can send downtime notifications in the form of a banner covering the lower-third of the screen. 

Other features will follow once we have the CRON system running in the background to help automate tasks, and set schedules.

Kodi Kontroller is being built as open-source software, and a license will be applied when we reach version 1.0

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