About Me

I'm Oli, 

I occasionally take pictures, but rarely hang them on the wall.

I DJ songs that most people do not consider music.

I enjoy tinkering with things like;
Open Source Software, RaspberryPi's, LEDs in various formats & an unhealthy interest in Home Automation.

Current areas of study;
Python3 (starting from the basics, then converting Kodi Addons from Python 2 to 3)
InfoSec - establishing the Blue Team at an NGO is fun!

I work;
In technology, for the environment
Azure, Docker, Ubuntu, Grafana, Drupal 8, MS & MySQL, Android & iOS...and some great humans!

My latest projects are;
KodiKontroller; <-- Getting a real kick at the moment, keep an eye on my GitHub if interested
Still attempting to get the Hexacopter to fly with some stability; <-- haven't touched the thing in months...
Various LED projects about the flat / at work.
Recycling old laptop screens into a new housing with built-in RaspberryPi & LibreElec as Kodi endpoints for the office dashboard project.