About Me

I'm Oli, 

I occasionally take pictures, but rarely hang them on the wall.

I DJ songs that most people do not consider music.

I enjoy tinkering with things like;
RaspberryPi, Arduino, LED Pixels & Strips, Home Automation, Kodi, BLE Buttons, IFTTT, Tasker, AutoRemote, Amazon Echo, HomeSeer, Android, IP68 Electronics, Databases, Web Interfaces and connecting them to each other.

Things I wish I knew better;
PHP, Python, Embedded Electronics

I work;
In technology, for the environment
Microsoft, Azure, Docker, Chef, Ubuntu, Grafana, Drupal 8, MS & MySQL, Android & iOS...and some great humans!

My latest hobby projects are;
Still attempting to get the Hexacopter to fly with some stability;
Christmas approaches so some LED Pixel nonsense will no doubt be in my future.