Still here

I changed job around 6 months ago – stepping down from running the department back to being a hands-on engineer. This time they called me an Azure Specialist, imposter syndrome is GO! And that’s the last you’ll hear about the new job 🙂 As the UK has gone to hell in a handbasket in the last few years I’ve jumped out of the charity sector and sought something a bit more stable and guaranteed to survive the next year. I’m 6 months in, and all is good.

With a bit of luck i’ll get posting a bit more regularly again, but with a slight change of focus. My previous role had me solving completely different problems everyday, whilst also “keeping the lights on” with the infrastructure or digital team – this new role is a lot more focused on infra, and the environment is a lot more corporate.

Kodi Kontroller has been left behind, sadly – it may get resurrected one day as there is still interest in the concept from a couple of developers but time is never on our side. My use case has also changed a fair bit, instead of running multiple offices and their dashboards, i’m now responsible for the boards of one team. I still have a use-case at home i’d like to explore, linking into home-automation, but another route is looking a lot easier now a beautiful front-end isn’t completely necessary.

My LED projects have moved on considerably, i’ve ditched most of the WS2801 strings for WS2812b Strips and NeoPixel rings. Im 90% done designing a circuit board to bring the project together, and await the arrival of my 3d Printer to print my first proper prototype. This project was first thought of years ago, but the economics of all the hardware didn’t make sense – i’ve also learnt a fair bit about micro-electronics and batteries. The end result will hopefully be a NeoPixel 16bit ring based lighting fixture that can sync with other fixtures via WiFi, it runs WLED so it incorporates all of those features such as Phillips Hue Sync, Hyperion, a full API, loads of presets and more.

I hope to be building a small batch in the first quarter of next year – more info to come.

Speaking of 3d Printers, i just bought a Ender 3 Pro – eeeeee! I’ve just set up OctoPrint the manual way on Raspbian – the next post will likely be a set of instructions from a number of other sites which will document the process.

Merry Christmas!