New Addons

I finally have my Kodi Repo running under GitHub, I gave it some much needed love just before Christmas initially planning to just make my old work available again but I ended up writing some new stuff. I’ve added addons for DEF CON, Black Hat and am now working on a fork of Lanik’s Banners addon to assist the Kodi Kontroller project.

You’ll find the KissFM, RinseFM & London Live addons all work again, their stream URLs had changed and needed updating, i’ll be putting tests in place in future to alert me to changes, should be using these addons and they suddenly cease to function – drop me a line via the Contact page.

I’m a big fan of DEF CON and recently Black Hat, both addons just scrape the playlists from YouTube but when the conferences come round for 2018 I plan to add in the live streams if possible.

The reason behind forking the Banners addon and turning it into LowerThird is more about keeping the code-base under control in the environment I plan to use it in – plus the use cases are slightly different. Banners is more aimed at constantly rotating banner adverts while a video plays, think public cafe screens etc. LowerThird is designed to take the lower third of the screen as a notification area, similar to that seen on 24hour rolling news channels, and be triggered only by the Kodi JSON API.

At first it’s a simple adoption of the code-base with some settings reversed and new media to display, I plan to change how the images display (make them full-width, to start) and eventually if I get my head into python enough to to move a skin’s actual notification area to the banner being displayed. The use case being the ability to send any message via the built-in kodi notification system, selecting a background from LowerThird.

With a bit of luck i’ll be able to push Kodi Kontroller forward over the coming weeks.

If you haven’t already download this file and install it into Kodi for access to the repo.