Mapping GPS data in Grafana

I was about to head off camping in south wales, flying solo – figured it might be a good idea to have a location tracker of sorts running, considering most of the locations I was hoping to hit were pretty remote. 

I knew that Grafana had a WorldMap panel plugin, but had never used it. After getting it up and running it quickly became obvious that my intended usage is not what the WorldMap panel was designed for. Bugger.

But some googling and a heavy heap of luck later, I found this less-than-a-month old PR, which adds in exactly what i’m looking to do.

Thanks to @Kylios, Grafana can now show a bread-crumb route of GPS locations.

I’m using a Samsung android to log and send the data to my InfluxDB server, specifically, it makes light work of sending onto a remote server.

In order to get this running as I did use the below details in GPSLogger:

URL: http://local-lan-ip:8086/write?db=telegraf (existing db)
Body: GPSTracking,Country=UK,Subject=Oli latitude=%LAT,longitude=%LON
Kingdom"} %TIMESTAMP
Headers: Content-Type: application/json
Method: POST

There are load more variables that you can send over, I also log speed, altitude, battery life & GPS Accuracy. Next steps for me will be to find a nice way to trigger this with some custom options, you want different configurations for walking, driving, in the country, in a city, on a bike etc.