LED Tiles continued

So far, so good!

LED Tile fully lit up

My first tile took a week to light up once I really started working on them, but only the top row of the tile would light up, i suspect it was dead, or i had a loose connection somewhere. Luckily i had a second tile with me, switched over the cabling and success – one fully lit til! In my excitement at it working however, i left it on – connected through jumper cables… Which quickly began to melt… Note to self – THINK ABOUT POWER PROPERLY FIRST!

Narrowly avoided any fires or damaging anything permenently but a nice early wake-up call on how much power is required to drive these things. 5v ~8Amps per tile, quickly adds up.

And so to the next problem – the code im wokring with is designed around four boards stacked on top of each other, a 64×64 pixel arrangement, and i am no coder currently – so no amending for now. This is easy enough to work around, as i am more than happy to work on 1×4 arrangement – its a nice square on which i can write things or display an image – long term i'd like to connect them to resolume but this is quite far away at this point.

The next thing i'll be working on is a frame or mount, with power and data lines neatly arranged to make for a quick install and tear-down process when being used. I imagine i'll be using these as nice additions to current light shows, so they need to be as close to set and forget as possible.

Luckily, everyone else who has profited from this motherload of tiles will also need power options, so it looks like we're all heading to the hackspace this wkend to knock up something. Having access to 3d printers, this could get interesting!