Kodi Kontroller Update

The time has arrived when we almost have data to display. Two separate projects have somehow, without any planning, announced their intention to deliver content for our Kodi endpoints in the next few days. The two strands marry-up brilliantly but come from different sources and systems, our anonymized web statistics and KPIs from various online sources to tell us all about our engagement with the public, and then PowerBI based reports from our newly built data warehouse, which mines our CRM system with data going back to the 70’s. Much of this has also been anonymized due to GDPR.

So we have two parts of the content puzzle almost ready to deliver – problem 1. PowerBI is going to be a challenge to screenshot in the traditional manner i’ve been using, PhantomJS. I believe there is a PowerBI API, but it’s output capability is severely limited (it was last time i checked), if anything i think it returns a URL which on the way to the dashboard requires a login. This won’t be fun.

The other-side of things will be much easier as the digital guys have tried to bring everything through Google Data studio, which i can screenshot from a command line or web app all day long. We have some other data feeds coming in via an excel sheet but Data Studio handles this nicely as well.

We now have a few problem statements to bring Kodi Kontroller up to v1, it’s most basic functional MVP. We’re focusing on:

  • Announcements
    • Lower Thirds
    • Full Screen
  • News Cycle
    • Campaign Title Cards
    • Related Campaign News
    • Photo & Video Content
  • Social
    • Content from social media channels
    • Content from Partner Organisations
    • Adverts for out-of-work activities / protests
  • Automation
    • HDMI CEC Support
    • CRON scheduling for screen content
    • Announcements Generator & Loader for non-techie teams

Soon to follow after will be the Slack integration.

  •  Slack2Kodi
    • /kodi web-build 3pm
    • /kodi fire-alarm is-test / not-test
    • /kodi youtube <youtube-id>
    • /kodi bbcnews24 <screen1, screen2, screen4>

With a bit of luck within the next week or so we’ll see some real progress, feel free to follow along on GitHub, but if you’re crazy enough to be using the tool in its current state – i reccomend holding off downloading any of the next few commits as we’re sure to break everything!