Install OctoPrint on an existing Raspbian installation

I’ve just had to run through the below install and the info came from a few different pages, this post is to bring them all together and archive the process. Big thanks to the various original authors;

Linux raspberrypi 4.19.75-v7+ #1270 SMP Tue Sep 24 18:45:11 BST 2019 armv7l
Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)

cd ~
sudo apt update
sudo apt install python-pip python-dev python-setuptools python-virtualenv git libyaml-dev build-essential
mkdir OctoPrint && cd OctoPrint
virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install pip --upgrade
pip install octoprint
sudo usermod -a -G tty pi
sudo usermod -a -G dialout pi
~/OctoPrint/venv/bin/octoprint serve
wget && sudo mv octoprint.init /etc/init.d/octoprint
wget && sudo mv octoprint.default /etc/default/octoprint
sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/octoprint
sudo nano /etc/default/octoprint
Remove the # from the front of this line:
sudo update-rc.d octoprint defaults
sudo service octoprint {start|stop|restart}

You may want to install CuraEngine on the Pi if you are going to use the Pi for slicing. (Not recommended)


Printing from Fusion 360 into Cura onto OctoPrint

Cura plugin which enables printing directly to OctoPrint and monitoring the progress

This plugin started out as a fork of the UM3NetworkPrinting plugin:


  • Marketplace (recommended): The plugin is available through the Cura Marketplace as the OctoPrint Connection plugin
  • Manually: Download or clone the repository into [Cura configuration folder]/plugins/OctoPrintPlugin The configuration folder can be found via Help -> Show Configuration Folder inside Cura.
  • Cura PPA (*Ubuntu):
    • Add the cura PPA via (if not already done): sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thopiekar/cura
    • Update APT via: sudo apt update
    • Install the plugin via: sudo apt install cura-plugin-octoprint

How to use

  • Make sure OctoPrint is up and running, and the discovery plugin is not disabled
  • In Cura, add a Printer matching the 3d printer you have connected to OctoPrint
  • Select “Connect to OctoPrint” on the Printers pane of the preferences.
  • Select your OctoPrint instance from the list and enter the API key which is available in the OctoPrint settings.
  • From this point on, the print monitor should be functional and you should be able to switch to “Print to Octoprint” on the bottom of the sidebar.

Notes on UltiGCode (Ultimaker 2/Ultimaker 2+)

The Ultimaker 2(+) family uses a flavor of GCode named UltiGCode. Unfortunately printing using UltiGCode flavor does not work when printing over the USB connection. That is why using OctoPrint does not work with UltiGCode flavor.


This plugin contains a submodule/copy of the python zeroconf module as maintained by jstasiak. Python-zeroconf is licensed under the LGPL-2.1: The module is included in the OctoPrintPlugin to replace the version that ships with older versions of Cura because that version has bug