He’s dead Jim

The repo died over the weekend – and im having the usual fun and games getting it back online.
I have a few days off this week so hopefully should have it back up and running shortly.

I just saw that yet another fork of Kodi is emerging, this time it’s trouble over at OpenElec brewing and around 25 dev’s appear to have split and started LibreELEC
This being the 2nd fork that I know of within a year from a major group of developers working with the Kodi code. What is going on?

Reading a bit deeper into the troubles over at Kodi.TV with the Android / Koying situation I can understand the frustrations from both sides but as usual it’s how people deal with other people that has left the bad taste in peoples mouths. I wonder how long these new forks will last – will they out pace original Kodi and split completely into something bigger and better, similarly to Plex.

There is a lot of anger over on the Kodi.TV forums at the moment surrounding piracy, and putting 2 & 2 together I presume a lot of this is mixed in with a view that Android has been the fuel to the piracy fire Kodi is now having to deal with. Without wanting to go into the details, I worry for the long-term evolution of Kodi. It has a very private developer base who do not make themselves well known on the forums, and when bitter disputesĀ spill-out onto the public forums it quickly becomes messy – and peoples true colours are shown.

Whether its OSMC, SPMC, OpenELEC, LibreELEC or whatever other variant will pop-up next week – i have over a decade of love for XBMC / Kodi and it plays a key role in the home automation and entertainment system in my flat, without it there are few alternatives and without such a large talented user-base it can fall into disrepair very quickly. I hope this is not the beginning of the end. Only time will tell.