Droning on….

After years of telling myself not to, I bought an ArduCopter based Hexacopter. Specifically a HMF S550 Kit. It’s been an interesting build, much frustration, lots of reading and learning and then plucking up enough confidence to actually try the theory out in a field. ArduCopter is an OpenSource Auto-Pilot. I’m using a PixHawk with Missions Planner.

All had been going fairly well – you suddenly realise how bad our weather is when trying to find a safe time to fly.

After 2 months, i’m still using the original blades (I expected these to be destroyed fairly often), but have got through two sets of landing legs! I’ve also just managed to land extremely hard and snap the fibreglass power distribution board. Grounded for a while I think…

Although I believe I made the right decision to purchase a kit and build it up myself, im a tinkerer so wouldn’t have had the same satisfaction from just unboxing a DJI Phantom – you can really tell where the money goes on these things. Its the software, the years of engineering to make it easy to fly, reliable & safe.

Still – at least the parts are cheap and its easy to fix 🙂