Controlling Kodi from Slack

As part of the work putting all the pieces of Kodi Kontroller together i’ve finally got Slack talking to Kodi.

Back in January last year a user called DavidA posted a PHP script to the Kodi Forums that used Slack slash-commands as a bridge between Kodi & Slack. At this point we had one dashboards just cycling through some images, no control and no integration. I’d been wanting to juice-up the Kodi Notifications window a bit, make it larger or more prominent, possibly even writing an addon that generated a full-screen announcement image with the text taken from a JSON call, but so far made little progress.

I’m no developer but i’m getting more adept at re-purposing code I find lurking online. This is a prime example.

Currently DavidA’s script allows for local PNG or JPG files to be displayed (will come in very helpful as a starting point for me) as well as YouTube videos and local files from a predefined SMB share location – also, will come in very helpful for having different keywords for different departments.

I plan to add some functionality to trigger an announcement to be generated and then displayed with a few options of how the end-result comes out. The LowerThird addon in my repo is working great for showing a banner full-width of the screen either anchored to the top, bottom or middle of the display. Handy for confirming Fire Alarm tests, rather than a live evacuation.

Currently while we test and build out the rest of Kodi Kontroller i’ve used the /kodi trigger word, but the end game is to hand this system over to an administrative management team, simplicity of use will be key. So an eventual use of something along the lines of /dashboards announce We’re all going to the pub tonight! or /announce social pubtonight.jpg is likely.

You may question the effort involved in all of this, but we are trying to cut down on a staggering amount of email, we’re a organisation with a huge network across the world so being able to share images, videos and stories – as well as the routine maintenance of a building – is hugely helpful in getting the message across.

I’ll try and keep the updates as regular as possible whilst we build-out the rest of Kodi Kontroller.