Cluster Headaches pt2

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I wrote last week about the miracle cure of Red Bull – turns out it’s one of the least effective energy drinks out there with a puny 80mg of caffeine to play with. 5hr energy shots is where it’s at.  BUT! My oxygen finally arrived! Oh my, much relief, such O2, many wowz! One tank […]

Killing a cluster-headache with RedBull

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I feel like i’ve just discovered my back garden is full of gold. I scratched the surface accidentally, and now i’m the richest man in my area. I’ve suffered from Cluster Headaches for probably a decade now, they come every few years and last a month, usually hitting at the same time each day for […]

Mapping GPS data in Grafana

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I was about to head off camping in south wales, flying solo – figured it might be a good idea to have a location tracker of sorts running, considering most of the locations I was hoping to hit were pretty remote.  I knew that Grafana had a WorldMap panel plugin, but had never used it. […]

We need to talk about homelessness

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There are many crises hitting the UK at the moment, one you may not realise the full impact of is homelessness. We’ve just gone through some of the coldest weather the UK has seen, in some parts, for over 20 years. It was -8c in London on Tuesday of last week as the snow started […]

Analyzing a phishing attack

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Two of our users sent out emails that looked like the below this week. The subject was “Dropbox Important” The e-mails came from trusted e-mail accounts within the organization, and a few more people opened the email. Once they opened the e-mail, they went ahead and opened the attachment, finding a “Dropbox Business” logon screen […]

He’s dead Jim

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The repo died over the weekend – and im having the usual fun and games getting it back online. I have a few days off this week so hopefully should have it back up and running shortly. I just saw that yet another fork of Kodi is emerging, this time it’s trouble over at OpenElec […]