Still here

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I changed job around 6 months ago – stepping down from running the department back to being a hands-on engineer. This time they called me an Azure Specialist, imposter syndrome is GO! And that’s the last you’ll hear about the new job 🙂 As the UK has gone to hell in a handbasket in the […]

The Portable Kodi Endpoint

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As yet another side project at work, i started looking into re-using a portion of our soon to be replaced laptop fleet. Many of the laptops will be recycled but it’s looking likely that i’ll get 10 or so 15.6″ LCD panels to re-use and turn into physical, portable kodi screens to be placed in […]

Kodi Kontroller Update

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The time has arrived when we almost have data to display. Two separate projects have somehow, without any planning, announced their intention to deliver content for our Kodi endpoints in the next few days. The two strands marry-up brilliantly but come from different sources and systems, our anonymized web statistics and KPIs from various online […]

Controlling Kodi from Slack

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As part of the work putting all the pieces of Kodi Kontroller together i’ve finally got Slack talking to Kodi. Back in January last year a user called DavidA posted a PHP script to the Kodi Forums that used Slack slash-commands as a bridge between Kodi & Slack. At this point we had one dashboards […]

New Addons

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I finally have my Kodi Repo running under GitHub, I gave it some much needed love just before Christmas initially planning to just make my old work available again but I ended up writing some new stuff. I’ve added addons for DEF CON, Black Hat and am now working on a fork of Lanik’s Banners […]

Kodi as Office Dashboards part 2

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In almost a year a lot has happened, and not much has happened at the same time.  Annoyingly i've hit a hold-up in getting better screens on the wall, i've been given more budget to get it rolled out across all offices but our facilities team are swamped. It's meant i've been devising plans for […]

Using Kodi for Office Dashboards

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Around a year ago my team started making decent use of Grafana – we had just created an integration API and needed to monitor it to ensure things were running smoothly. Simple beginnings. The idea was to get these web-based graphs and metrics in-front of our IT team so issues were anticipated ideally or at least understood […]

He’s dead Jim

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The repo died over the weekend – and im having the usual fun and games getting it back online. I have a few days off this week so hopefully should have it back up and running shortly. I just saw that yet another fork of Kodi is emerging, this time it’s trouble over at OpenElec […]