Kodi as Office Dashboards part 2

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In almost a year a lot has happened, and not much has happened at the same time.  Annoyingly i've hit a hold-up in getting better screens on the wall, i've been given more budget to get it rolled out across all offices but our facilities team are swamped. It's meant i've been devising plans for […]

LED Tiles continued

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So far, so good! My first tile took a week to light up once I really started working on them, but only the top row of the tile would light up, i suspect it was dead, or i had a loose connection somewhere. Luckily i had a second tile with me, switched over the cabling […]

16×64 LED Tiles

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I've just been given access to a Jumbotron's worth of LED Tiles. They are all 16×64 and stack nicely to form a large format LED Screen. I'll be working to reduce these down to their component part size and use them individually with other projects. Each panel is about 50cm wide by 12.5cm high – […]

Using Kodi for Office Dashboards

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Around a year ago my team started making decent use of Grafana – we had just created an integration API and needed to monitor it to ensure things were running smoothly. Simple beginnings. The idea was to get these web-based graphs and metrics in-front of our IT team so issues were anticipated ideally or at least understood […]

Soldering with poor eye-sight

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My sight is pretty rubbish, it’s been that way all my life. It doesn’t cause me too many issues, the DVLA weren’t interested when I learnt to drive, apart from looking a tad cross-eyed when i’m tired or straining to bring something tiny into focus – I get along just fine. I have a few […]

Getting burgled sucks

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Over the summer my ground floor flat was broken into – and a load of tech stolen 🙁 I found out from a charming phone call from my local bobby – “i’m in your flat, i presume your front door wasn’t in pieces when you left for work this morning?” FUCK! No, no it wasn’t…. […]

He’s dead Jim

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The repo died over the weekend – and im having the usual fun and games getting it back online. I have a few days off this week so hopefully should have it back up and running shortly. I just saw that yet another fork of Kodi is emerging, this time it’s trouble over at OpenElec […]