16×64 LED Tiles

I've just been given access to a Jumbotron's worth of LED Tiles. They are all 16×64 and stack nicely to form a large format LED Screen. I'll be working to reduce these down to their component part size and use them individually with other projects. Each panel is about 50cm wide by 12.5cm high – and I can see a lot of fun in my fufute.

The possibilities really are endless – i know a load of bands that would probably put them to good use in their original format, but having just gone dashboard and data made, I can think of lots of better uses. If i can keep the cost low enough to power a unit on its own I think i'll try and interface them with Kodi somehow., failing that a RaspberryPi or Arduino.

4 Stack on top of each other looks like this

These are pretty high poewered units so individual use is preferable to stacking up as many as possible to make a freaking huge display – however cool that would be for an evening.

I'm thinking front-panels to Kodi Installs, extensions to the Dashboards i've put around the office or even a public air quality read-out on the outside of our building, they are external units after all. 
Lots of ideas and little idea how i'll achieve much of it yet, i've put in requests to the original manafacturers to find out the official route but the tinkering starts soon.

Here's what the Hackspace has come up with so far: https://wiki.london.hackspace.org.uk/view/LED_tiles_V2